For many, listening is an afterthought—something that happens in the background of their lives. They don’t think about it, they don’t focus on it, and they definitely don’t try to adjust it. For Stoker White, on the other hand, listening is at the very forefront of life—it is central to everything he does. White is a sound engineer at Soularium, a local Salt Lake City recording studio. As an audio engineer, White thinks about and works to bring clarity to listening every day.

Because Soularium is a commercial studio, White works on a wide variety of projects from musical recordings and voiceover work to mixing audio for television and film. “The decisions that I make every day are all based on what I’m hearing, and what I think could improve the listening experience,” says White. “I love helping make things sound as good as they can, whatever the project.”

This type of work has caused White to reflect on the important role that listening plays in everyday life. It’s caused him to realize how much we hear day to day, but don’t stop to think about how it sounds. “All it takes to be a good listener is focus,” suggests White.

As an audio expert, White offers the following advice for everyday listeners: “Think about what you’re hearing. When you listen to a music recording, what are you hearing? Can you hear all the different elements? Can you imagine what kind of room they might be in? Even when you’re sitting in a silent environment, think about your ears. What can you hear?”

Like Stoker White, we at Ken Garff Automotive Group understand the importance of placing listening at the forefront of life. We appreciate those that utilize their ears in order to improve the world’s audio for the rest of us. As part of our “We Hear You” initiative, we’re committed to employing good listening in order to improve the car buying experience.